Design / Development / Branding

Our macro Marketing Solutions for Kickstarter & Indiegogo are bar-none, but the micro Crowdfunding Strategy is where our expert experience sets us apart.


We’re all about quality before quantity and want to do our best to make sure that our partnership throughout your campaign is the right one. We’re transparent in our approach and seek campaigns that we have greater confidence will achieve the desired outcomes of the campaign owner. Crowdfunding isn’t just about the money. We help clients:


Over the years our process has evolved and we’ve taken the winning strategies from our experience to consistently improve the outcomes of the crowdfunding campaign owners that we partner with. Every IGNITE agency team members works in-house and has served critical roles on our client’s crowdfunding campaigns.

Our Services Broken Down

Public Relations

We use a hands-on, non-spammy approach to earn real media and real press for your crowdfunding campaign. With recent developments, journalists are more skeptical of the crowdfunding industry and thus we do our best to present your campaign in the best light possible.


Our video team will help you get from script to screen with a video that is created specifically for the optimal crowdfunding campaign results.


The right words can make or break your campaign. We also know just the right amount -- when to say more and when to say less.

Website Landing Page

An SEO / SEM optimized landing page built for campaign pre-marketing conversions is an absolutely critical, bread-and-butter type component of a successful crowdfunding campaign marketing strategy. Let our team of expert developers and marketers help grow your audience.

Campaign Design

Good graphic design is critical for a world-class crowdfunding campaign. You need to stand out from the thousands of other campaigns on your platform of choice. Luckily, we know what works!

Social Media

Social media isn’t like traditional broadcast media. Engagement doesn’t happen by blasting your tweets about your product to people -- they simply don’t care. Social media, when executed successfully, creates the conversation with your future crowdfunding campaign backers.