5 Fantastic Videos That Kickstarted Ludicrous Crowdfunding Results

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We are all familiar with viral videos that get shared thousands of times on social media. There are a few that stand out among the crowd, specifically those relating to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We highlight the top five crowdfunding campaigns with viral videos that helped kickstart ludicrous crowdfunding results.

Fidget Cube

Click Here to See the Fidget Cube Campaign
Here’s a project that addresses a serious issue that millions of people (myself included) suffer from. However, the product itself is fairly silly looking, making for a potentially difficult sell.

The creators of the Fidget Cube, a $6.465 Million Dollar campaign, supported by 154,926 backers and considered a Kickstarter Rock Star, got around this by parodying a traditional way of delivering a serious message: the medication commercial.

By having one of the spokespeople make fun of the quirky elements of the affliction (popping the bubble wrap, clicking the pen, etc.), it makes the viewer more open and receptive to a product that could potentially seem patronizing at first.

The more informational back half of the video is also terrific, making the product look sleek while still showcasing its various features. Fidget Cube was not only a huge global success, but it has clearly spawned many other variations of spinners and fidget gadgets.

Coolest Cooler

Click Here to See the Coolest Cooler Campaign
This product pursued a more casual investor, one who just wants an innovative way to spend time with their family in nature. In doing so, they found a product that is fairly universal in that setting and upgraded it to fit the age of the smart device.

While the video itself has a bit more of a low res look than some of the others featured here, that actually helps. The Coolest Cooler acts as a cooler, a stereo, and a battery, essentially serving as an all-purpose device that keeps everybody happy.

The video makes it seem a bit more approachable and gives the stock footage of the families hanging out a bit more of a home movie feel. In creating an approachable product like this, they accessed a wide variety of supporters that ultimately pushed it far past expectations.

Coolest Cooler raised over $13.285 Million dollars from 62,642 backers and was once considered a massive Kickstarter success. Unfortunately, they also ran into significant manufacturing difficulties which delayed fulfillment and continues to haunt both Kickstarter and Coolest Cooler today.

Veronica Mars

Click Here to See the Veronica Mars Campaign
This one came about back when Kickstarter was fairly new, but it innovated by taking a campaign farther than anyone had thought possible. Veronica Mars was a noir comedy/drama that aired on the CW from 2004 – 2007. Over the years, it cultivated a small but loyal following that unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep it on the air. Years passed, the cast got older, and everybody thought that was all she wrote.

Then, the Kickstarter campaign launched in 2013 with a hilarious video featuring many members of the cast, along with the series’ creator, Rob Thomas. The goal: raise two million dollars to fund a feature film that would act as a continuation of the series.

It seemed crazy at the time, but within hours, fans flooded the site and started piling on to this astronomical goal. Within eleven hours, they raised the $2 Million dollars needed to make the film and ended up cultivating an additional three over the course of the month. Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign went on to raise over $5.7 Million dollars from an astounding 91,585 backers.

The video helped achieve this goal by convincing fans that this was not a halfhearted attempt to save the dying property they hold dear. The cast came across as enthusiastic and re-energized by the break. They had the exact same chemistry as before, but the promise of seeing them after six years of growth was an enticing one.

Obviously, having an already established fanbase helped them reach this multi-million-dollar goal, but what can be taken away from this is the attitude the video was crafted with. When pitching a project, it helps if you can convey the idea that the creative team has an infectious camaraderie. If their love for what they’re doing comes across, people will want to see exactly what that passion creates.

Zombicide: Green Horde

Click Here to See the Zombicide: Green Horde Campaign
When advertising a game, the best way to go about it is to sincerely engage with your audience. The Zombicide: Green Horde video fully commits to the fantasy setting of the board game, with a dramatic narrator explaining the world of the game as if it’s the setting for a multimillion dollar blockbuster.

The graphics make the board seem epic, seemingly re-creating the visual style of the Game of Thrones intro. The animatics showing the creatures fighting each other further fuels this vibe, creating a gaming experience that seems to be crafted by people who love fantasy as much as the potential player. With over $5 Million dollars raised from 27,236 backers, this Kickstarter campaign is clearly a big winner.


Click Here to See the Gravity Campaign
While many of these campaigns took a more fanciful approach, Gravity needed to take the issue of sleep anxiety seriously. Raising over $4.729 Million dollars from 23,805 backers, this Kickstarter campaign showed what can be accomplished with a well-crafted video and campaign, not to mention a great product.

They gave their video a sleek, relaxing look/feel with sharp camerawork and calming music. The narration is empathetic, looking to reach the people who are fed up with their anxiety and are desperate for a good night’s rest.

The use cases are supplemented with tested data to make the product seem more legitimate, and the quick pace of the video keeps it from feeling too much like an extended sales pitch. This is a product that cares about its users, and the message clearly resonated.

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