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5 Fantastic Videos That Kickstarted Ludicrous Crowdfunding Results

We are all familiar with viral videos that get shared thousands of times on social media. There are a few that stand out among the crowd, specifically those relating to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We highlight the top five crowdfunding campaigns with viral videos that helped kickstart ludicrous crowdfunding results.


Top 15 Equity Crowdfunding Sites – Entrepreneurs and Investors

With many new companies, traditional and VC funding options may be limited or much too costly. Over the past few years, equity crowdfunding has emerged as a viable source for growth capital while also providing an opportunity for investors seeking to participate in higher risk/reward ventures.

Regardless of the statistics that suggest only about half of all new businesses survive in the first five years, and a third remain in operation after 10 years, entrepreneurs and investors remain enthusiastic about the next big success. We all know and readily recall that UBER, AMAZON, and Apple were once very small and fledgling startups.


New Year’s Resolution: Launch My Campaign

Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be a daunting endeavor for anyone, but it’s a new year and the possibilities are endless – NOW is the best time to make the decision to go for it!

Doing something you love through crowdfunding offers you huge marketing opportunities and access to funding from vast online sources.


Writing Your Campaign Video Script

At the very core of a crowdfunding campaign is a story. Most good stories told with video start out with a script. A good story has a beginning a middle and an end. You know when you’ve just witnesses a good story because it leaves you riveted and at the edge of your seat, or time flies right in front of you and before you know it, two hours has past. Hollywood has been doing it since the beginning of time — think back to some of the greatest movies you’ve ever seen and recount the thrill that comes from a great story.

Crowdfunding campaign stories are a little different though. The storytelling method that you are most used to is being entertained after you pay money for it (or stream online for free). In that case you pay for the story before you actually witness the story. In crowdfunding, the method that you need to wrap your head around is giving someone the story before they pay for it.


3 Ways to Improve Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign are often so intangible, that they often go unnoticed. The highest dollar raised campaigns on rewards-based crowdfunding are what we like to call, “unicorns,” because they are increasingly rare. The odds are that you simply will not raise millions of dollars without an air-tight plan and world-class execution by a professional agency that can get you the exposure necessary for that level of success.


The Importance of a Pre Campaign Marketing Strategy

Creating a pre campaign marketing strategy is absolutely critical to the success of your crowdfunding campaign. Oftentimes, crowdfunding campaign owners find that they are not getting the level of success that they are looking for when they launch their campaign. This is because of a lack of enrollment from their following, family, friends and other connected influencers.


Operation “Ghostfund” and The Crowdfunder’s Dilemma

I’ve heard almost every pitch you can imagine from people that want to crowdfund their ideas. As a founder at The Ignite Agency, I’ve had the privilege of working on some of the most forward thinking crowdfunding campaigns in the world. We’ve tackled some huge concepts and gotten featured in places like Variety Magazine, CBS, NBC and CNN. You can see more about the agency in the links provided at the end of the article.